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Winter tires from Continental

VanContact Winter

The reliable winter expert: safe and efficient.







VanContact Winter

Your ideal companion for the winter season.


For vans, transporters and mobile homes.

  • Shorter braking distances and improved traction on snow
  • High aquaplaning safety and shorter braking distances on
    wet roads
  • Improved rolling resistance

Technical details

Shorter braking distances and improved traction on snow.

The optimised tread pattern ensures better interlocking with the snow which automatically leads to shorter braking distances. Additionally the tread grooves and shoulder blocks enhance the compression of snow in the grooves. Therefore the  grip increases and also the traction in the snow.


High aquaplaning safety and shorter braking distances on wet roads.

Through the wide grooves the water displacement is optimised, which ensures high aquaplaning safety. Additionally, the 3D sipes support each other lead to higher stability. As a result the braking distances are shortened on wet roads.


Improved rolling resistance.

The new silica compound reduces energy loss and improves the rolling resistance.


EU Tire Label

VanContact Winter

EU Tire Label values vary by the tire size. The label values for further tire sizes are shown in the product range below or click on „EU Tire Label Viewer“ to find directly the EU Tire Label values for your size. 

For more information about the EU Tire Label please click here.

EU Label Viewer


Product range

Speed index Q - H
Rim diameter in inches14 - 17
Tire width165 - 235
Series55 - 75 (82)

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