Hand-held tool

Software, the Report Creator and other Declarations

Find here the hand-held tool software, the Report Creator and other Declarations.


Instructions for updating the Hand-held tool.  (Password for all zip-files: conti)

Instructions for updating the Hand-held tool pdf 199 KB
Software and Update Client zip 13 MB
Update Client Firmware 7.12 zip 851 KB

Report Creator

The Report Creator enables you to create reports for:

  • Installation
  • Test drive
  • Diagnosis (DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Tire pressure monitoring via hand-held tool

Unzip the file first. To use the Report Creator, activate the macros before using this tool. A security warning will appear at the top with the text "Some active content is disabled". Then click on "Options ..." and then select "Enable this content". Select your language and refer to Excel sheet "Help"  for instructions on how to use the Report Creator.

If you get a message that indicates that macros are blocked, please proceed as follows:
Open the file and save it under different name with the file extension ".xlsm". Please close and open the document again.

ContiPressureCheck Report Creator zip 3 MB


Hand-held tool homologation overview pdf 402 KB
Hand-held tool declaration of conformity pdf 892 KB
Hand-held tool Charger homologation overview pdf 435 KB