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Press release: New Head of Marketing & Sales

New Head of Marketing and Sales, Tire Division, Bicycle Tyres

  • Jörg Malcherek has changed over to Benchmark Drives GmbH & Co. KG, Division ContiTech as per 1 July 2016
  • Darwin Zabala, who has worked for Continental in South Africa beforehand, to be his successor in the position as Head of Marketing and Sales

After 15 successful years for bicycle tyres in Korbach, holding global responsibility for Marketing and Sales Bicycle Tyres since 2011, Jörg Malcherek has changed over to Benchmark Drives GmbH & Co. KG, Division ContiTech, as per 1 July 2016.
“With our campaign “deutsche technik” and bicycle tyres “handmade in Germany” we have shaped the international market for bicycle tyres tremendously and, by this, have lifted Continental on the bicycle market to the next level. The change offers me the opportunity to positioning another young yet gripping business section strategically, to drive it forward and furthermore empower Continental on the e-bike market sustainably”, Malcherek states.


His successor is Darwin Zabala, who has started in his new position as per 1 August 2016. The 46 year old bike enthusiast has been already working for Continental for more than seven years. Before heading to Korbach he has worked as Head of Marketing and Sales Trucks as well as in Finance for the region Sub Sahara. Being an enthusiastic biker Zabala is looking forward to bring in his international working experiences in Korbach now. “What has achieved for our bicycle tyres during the last years is undoubtedly an outstanding success story. Together with the whole team I intend to continue the work that has been done and, by saying this, want to shape the bicycle market decisively with Continental tyres further on”, Zabala says.

Sarah Hohmann-Spohr
Sarah Hohmann-Spohr

Communication Manager International Bicycle Tyres

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