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Continental Bicycle Tyres - Overview new products 2017


Set Grand Prix Attack & Force III

  • tune your road bike for fast, agile and grippy handling
  • aerodynamic, agile front tyre coupled with grippy and comfortable rear tyre
  • excellent puncture protection thanks to Vectran™
  • superior grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili compound
CONTACT Plus - Tire cut


  • an all-rounder for roads and paths that crowns every touring bike
  • with its extra puncture protection nobody will be left behind at the side of the road
  • updated version of the most popular tread design of all our touring tyres
  • ECE-R75 certified


  • the perfect choice for the city speedsters, single-speed bikes and fitness bikes
  • double puncture protection, good grip and light-weight design
  • the roughened slick tread speeds along on tarmac
CONTACT Plus - Tire cut


  • the versatile all-rounder for the trekking bike: reliable over any type of terrain
  • highly reliable: the lamella tread structure gives sure footed grip
  • features the most popular tread design from the city/trekking range



  • a high performing all-rounder suitable for different terrain 
  • smooth running and fast rolling from the evenly distributed
  • central tread, a lot of grip in turns from the pronounced outer lugs

Mountain King CX

  • mud specialist with maximal grip giving racers a decisive advantage
  • high puncture protection as well as superior grip from its deep tread when riding uphill 
  • clean cut: the well spaced lugs ensure good self-cleaning

Race King CX

  • outstanding for use on smoother terrain such as forest tracks and hillside paths
  • technically manufactured with an optimal ratio of grip, ability to adapt to the terrain and low rolling resistance
  • breathtaking rides guaranteed!

Speed King CX

  • a tyre designed for racing over solid, dry or frozen terrain
  • a fast, scaly central tread design which also ensures a high level of puncture protection
  • suitable for the heat of competition and as a commuter/tourer
  • a carcass width of 32 mm complies with UCI rules