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2020 in motion –

highlights of a year that moved us all

2020 has been quite a ride – join us as we review the journey

No matter what the future brings, we are always looking forward, planning for the road ahead, anticipating game-changing trends and leading the way with ground-breaking technologies. This year was different. It forced us all to stand still and to focus on the present. Every journey has its ups and downs and 2020 reminded us that we should always expect the unexpected. However, it also showed that science, research, technological advancements and international collaboration can help us tackle even an unforeseen crisis. The same values that have driven our work at Continental for almost 150 years have also helped us weather the storm, turn challenges into opportunities and emerge from a difficult year even more determined to keep the future in motion.

Contributions to society in times of crisis

Two people wearing protective face masks

We helped support a strong societal response to the crisis

In our everyday work, we achieve excellence for our customers, but also for one another. The team spirit, supported by our company values, encourages us to look beyond individual achievements. This year, it motivated us to respond to the immediate needs of our customers, but also to the requirements of our society and the global community in a worldwide crisis. 

Designing, creating and innovating to protect

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we did what we do best: create new designs and innovative products to help limit its spread and combat its effects. 

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Providing supplies to fight the pandemic

Production sites adapted manufacturing processes to make medical and protective equipment; experts used existing knowledge to design useful products.

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Donation fund for worldwide Coronavirus relief

To consolidate corporate and employee efforts globally, we launched the For One Another Fund to combat the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Driving clean mobility forward

A child holding a model windmill

Sustainable mobility begins with renewable energy 

Our enduring legacy looks back on almost 150 years of constant innovation. Our success in the present is always driven by a vision of the future. Today, that means taking into account sustainability, social responsibility and climate-friendly mobility in everything we do. 

Digitally traceable natural rubber supply chain

Training farmers in sustainable cultivation and tracing the entire supply chain from farm to factory prevents deforestation, protects people and nature. 

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Going 100% renewable by 2050

With the global RE100 initiative, we will source 100% of our electricity from renewables by 2050 and transition to green global production in 2020.

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Red dot award for sustainable tire design

The renowned design award jury noted that Urban Taraxagum “impresses as a resource-saving, regionally produced alternative to conventional bicycle tires.”

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Technology and innovation

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Technology and Innovation begin with great ideas

Continental is known for combining cutting-edge technology, bold innovation and future-oriented research with the reliability of German engineering and rigorous testing. This combination of qualities helped us navigate turbulent times, keeping our feet firmly on the ground, providing the products our customers rely on, but with an eye on the future and the innovations they will be needing in years to come.

Powering the car of the future

The car of tomorrow is smart. Its brain– one of two high-performance computers on board the Volkswagen ID.3 prototype – is powered by Continental technology. 

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Great design deserves awards

We celebrated double success at the German Design Award for excellent pro-duct design and a Tire Technology Award for our smart Conti C.A.R.E. concept.

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A new sustainable adhesive technology

After collaborating on a new eco-friendly dip technology, Continental and Kordsa released the first passenger car tires featuring the Cokoon bonding system.

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Record-breaking collaborations


We don’t just rely on our world-leading research, development and in-house testing to ensure our products meet the highest standards. To put the performance of our products to the test under the most trying circumstances, we collaborate with the best. Top designers, engineers, athletes and professionals at the top of their game inspire us to keep pushing for more.


10 years of adidas x Continental

Our partnership with adidas is ten years in the making – and we’ve only just begun. Here’s to another decade of research, innovation and record-breaking design.

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A very different Tour de France

The Tour took place under unusual circumstances, but the sporting excellence, excitement and thrill of the win remained the same.

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Extremely Exciting: Extreme E


Counting down to the first e-powered off-road rally in the world, the Odyssey 21 car was launched and true motorsports legends announced their own race teams.

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Pushing performance with top tuners

The Conti Tuning Day 2020

The Conti Tuning Day 2020

Our unique relationship with the world’s top tuning companies helps us stay on the cutting edge of high-performance automotive design. Our annual events bring together the best car tuners, drivers and their extraordinary machines with the high-tech tires to match.

Winter High-Performance Event 2020

The year started with a cool challenge, as our tuning team took a stable of prized performance vehicles to their limits on an icy test track in Lapland.

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Continental Tuning Day 2020

This year, our tuning partners brought something old and something new. Each team participated with one car from their archives and one brand-new model.

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