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AutoBild readers say “Premium tire brand Continental leads the field for quality and value for money”

  • Readership survey confirms leading rank of previous years 

  • Third place for sportiness achieved without a commitment to motor sport

  • Continental Group brand Uniroyal ranked fifth for value for money

  • Tire trade subsidiary Vergölst placed fourth

In car magazine AutoBild’s big annual readership survey in 2015 (April 10 issue) to which almost 33,000 readers responded, Continental turned in the most successful overall performance in the Tire category. When it came to quality, more than two thirds (69 percent) of the votes went to the premium tire brand from Hanover – securing first place. In terms of value for money too, Continental came out on top with 33 percent of the votes. In the sportiness category, Continental finished just behind the leaders in third place with 48 percent, a result achieved without the brand having its own commitment to motor sport, unlike most of its competitors. Overall, Continental was thus able to defend the top spot with AutoBild readers that it attained in previous years.

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“Needless to say, we’re very happy about the strong appeal that our premium tire brand Continental has among AutoBild readers,” said Continental Press Spokesman Alexander Bahlmann, commenting on the survey. “The outcome of the survey shows that the very good results that our summer and winter tires have achieved over the years in the tests conducted by AutoBild’s experts, as well as the numerous original equipment approvals we received from the leading vehicle manufacturers, and people’s personal experience of our tires all reflect well on our brand. For us this positive outcome is also a strong source of motivation, spurring us on to successfully defend our leading position in the future.”

In the category “best workshop”, Continental’s tire trade subsidiary Vergölst was placed fourth.

Alexander Bahlmann
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Klaus Engelhart

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