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Global tire website goes live with new concept and new look

  • Continental gives Tire Division’s worldwide Internet presence a makeover
  • New concept aligned with tire buyers’ online search behavior 
  • Responsive design now also available on mobile devices

Stephan Meier, Head of eBusiness EMEA at Continental

Continental has given the global website of the Tire Division a complete makeover and aligned the relaunched version with changes in user behavior. “Increasingly our customers are turning to the Internet for information about our tires,” explains Stephan Meier who heads up eBusiness EMEA at Continental. “With our new-look website we are aiming to offer visitors even more targeted and rapid access to the information they want, providing them, for example, with better and faster online advice on selecting the right Continental tires for their needs.” One key feature of the new website is the tire and dealer search function. But the new navigation and content concept also caters to other user groups, such as the dealers themselves, who can make use of features including a new download area, and journalists, for whom photo galleries and embedded videos facilitate the composition of their articles.


Wiebke Wallenwein, Team Leader Online Marketing and in charge of the relaunch project

In addition, Continental has opted for a responsive design with an all-new color-scheme and the revamped site has been optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. “We want to make the relevant information available to the various user groups no matter what kind of terminal device they use, because that’s taken for granted these days,” underlines Wiebke Wallenwein, Team Leader Online Marketing, who is in charge of the relaunch project. The integration of numerous large-format photos and videos has boosted the entertainment value of a visit to the Continental website significantly. At the same time, visitors to the site can access information from all parts of the Tire Division. Along with product content on car, truck, specialty, bicycle, and motorbike tires, Continental also offers a wide range of background information on the value proposition of premium Continental tires and the technologies that this leading tire manufacturer deploys.

The launch of the new global Tire Division website also marks the first step in the worldwide makeover of Continental’s online presence in the tire sector. “In the next few weeks we will be rolling out the new-style content and design in some 50 countries in Europe, Asia, and America,” Wallenwein adds. The Tire Division’s new German website went live on September 15 at The current highlight here is the brand new super sports tire, the SportContact 6, which was officially launched at an event for international journalists and dealers at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort at the end of August. The SportContact 6 is now available in 41 sizes from 19 to 23 inches and made its trade-fair debut during the press days – September 15 and 16 – at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main. At the IAA, which ended on September 27, under the motto “Connect yourself with the world of future mobility”, Continental offered comprehensive insights into the Corporation’s latest passenger car technologies from the Chassis & Safety, Powertrain, Interior, Tire, and ContiTech Divisions.

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