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VisionZeroNews #1/2015


The first issue of our VisionZeroNews journal covers the following topics:

  • The correlation between the number of safety technologies installed in cars and the number of road traffic fatalities
  • Quotes on Vision Zero from Executive Board Members Frank Jourdan (Chassis & Safety Division) and Nikolai Setzer (Tire Division)
  • Euro NCAP requirements for the award of a five-star safety rating during homologation of new vehicles
  • Continental is supporting Global NCAP’s worldwide #STOPTHECRASH campaign –
  • The German Road Safety Council (DVR) too has committed to Vision Zero
  • A wealth of facts and figures on Vision Zero at a glance

To complement the first edition of VisionZeroNews, here is a link to our press release of August 18, 2015 in which we explain why we decided to partner with Global NCAP:

Demonstrating the Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEB) in action

And here is the Global NCAP press release in which the partnership is officially announced.

Click here to download VisionZeroNews Edition 1/2015

An ‘elk test’ demo run with reduced pressure in the rear tires at the company’s Contidrom proving grounds north of Hanover

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