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Continental now offers a range of sealant-based tire kits in the replacement market too

  • Tire sealant-based kits help drivers get back on their way quickly after only a brief stop
  • Handy, compact solutions – individual components of the tire repair kits can now also be purchased from tire outlets or spare parts stores
  • ContiTireSealant offers a special option for retrofitting all vehicles already equipped with compressor and squeeze bottle as standard

Continental now offers various easy-to-use sealant-based tire kits in the replacement market. After a puncture, the ContiMobilityKit enables drivers to continue their journey within just a few minutes, without having to unscrew the tire valve in the process. All you have to do is plug the 10 amp compressor into the cigarette lighter, attach a handy connecting tube to the valve of the punctured tire, screw the pressure-resistant sealant bottle onto the compressor and pump the sealant and air into the tire. After filling the tire, the driver can continue for up to 200 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h, making it easy to get to a workshop or specialist tire outlet where the tire should promptly be replaced with a new one. The handy ContiMobilityKit consists of the compressor with connecting tube, sealant bottle with a shelf life of up to five years, a set of instructions and plastic gloves. The tire repair kit can be stowed almost anywhere in the car in its small kit bag which means there is no need to carry a spare tire. The automotive industry has been using the ContiMobilityKit as an original equipment tire sealant kit for several years. This means that around one million new vehicles are equipped with a ContiMobilityKit in Europe each year.


Alexander Lüer, Project Manager from Extended Mobility Solutions at the Continental Tire Division

"The sealant has a limited shelf life, so from time to time it needs to be replaced and we can now offer very flexible options here. We are advising drivers to replace any unused sealant without delay when its shelf life expires or to promptly replace the connecting tube and sealant after using the tire repair kit. Thanks to our modular range, drivers now need only buy what absolutely must be replaced," explains Project Manager Alexander Lüer from Extended Mobility Solutions at the Continental Tire Division. As approximately 95 percent of punctures are caused by objects with a diameter of less than five millimeters, these sealant-based kits are a very popular mobility aid.

For tire sealant kits in which the sealant is not pumped by the compressor but squeezed manually into the tire, Continental now features the 600 ml ContiTireSealant squeeze bottle in its replacement range. As the bottle does not need to fit onto a compressor, it can replace all sealant squeeze bottles, regardless of manufacturer. The tire must then be inflated to the correct pressure using the compressor in exactly the same way as with the ContiMobilityKit. A regular demand for retrofits is becoming more popular as shown by the Volkswagen Group, which alone equips several million vehicles each year with a compressor and squeeze bottle ex-works. In addition to the squeeze bottle, the ContiTireSealant kit also contains a short connecting hose, a small plastic bag with valve extractor, a valve insert, a speed sticker, plastic gloves and a set of instructions.

The various kits and their individual components are now on sale in specialist tire outlets and spare parts stores. Like tires, they can be purchased either from branches of your trusted retail partner or online.



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