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Tires with ContiSeal Technology

  • Tires with ContiSeal technology can seal tire punctures by themselves
  • Keep driving without stopping – around 85 percent of all flat tires can be averted

Using technology they call ContiSeal, the leading German tire manufacturer has developed a system that makes it possible for a vehicle to continue on its way even after a tire has been punctured by a screw or nail: A protective layer on the inside of the tire’s tread immediately seals any punctures made by screws or nails, thus preventing air from escaping. Almost any leak caused by an object of up to five millimeters in diameter can be sealed, meaning that about 85 percent of typical flat tires can be averted.

Because the motorist sometimes doesn't notice that a foreign object has penetrated the tire, Continental recommends that tires be examined regularly for nails or screws. In case of doubt, motorists should consult with a car dealership or tire dealer. ContiSeal technology eliminates the need for the spare wheel, making the vehicles lighter in weight and opening up more possibilities for designers when creating the trunk.

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