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Auto Zeitung: WinterContact TS 850 P from Continental Comes “Highly Recommended”

WinterContact™ TS 850 P
  • Winter tires from Continental receive top rating from Auto Zeitung
  • Magazine tested nine size 235/60 R 18 tire models for SUVs

Auto Zeitung rated the WinterContact TS 850 P SUV “highly recommended” (21/18 issue). This meant that the winter specialist from Continental achieved the highest grade awarded by the magazine. In their test, the Cologne-based experts had put nine size 235/60 R18 tire models intended for winter use on SUVs through their paces on wet and dry roads, as well as on snow. Summing up, they assessed Continental’s tires as “well balanced, displaying excellent performance in every category.”

That balance is backed up by the data. For example, the tires designed by the Development team in Hanover scored highly in safety and traction on snow, achieved short braking distances on both wet and dry surfaces and demonstrated the lowest rolling resistance on the testing grounds – something that is important for cutting fuel consumption.

Continental has expanded its range of winter tires again this year. The WinterContact TS 860 is available for small to mid-size cars. The WinterContact TS 850 P is a good choice for cars with more powerful engines and for SUVs, while the WinterContact TS 860 S is designed for sports cars and other powerful, high-performance cars.

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