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Top Ranking for Continental in Italian “Al Volante” Tyre Test


  • PremiumContact 6 prevails nine competitors
  • Maximum points on both dry and wet roads
  • PremiumContact 6 with best tyre braking performance

​​The Continental PremiumContact 6 has won the top ranking in the summer tyre test published by specialist magazine “Al Volante” (issue 7/20, pages 118 - 123). The editorial team tested ten size 225/45 R 17 summer tyres from European, American and Asian manufacturers on a VW Golf 8.

The experts tested the tyres in a total of five categories on wet and dry roads, as well as measuring driving noise in the vehicle and rolling resistance. 

Regarding the test result in the wet, “Al Volante” said “The car felt stable and easy to control”. Their view on dry performance was equally clear “The fast steering performance provides for predictable handling that inspires trust. The verdict on the dry-road handling characteristics and braking abilities was concisely: “Excellent braking distances”. In terms of the points awarded, the PremiumContact 6 received the maximum score in both wet and dry conditions. It also achieved the shortest braking distances on both dry and wet road surfaces. During the wet braking test from 80 km/h there were differences of up to 25 per cent among the test field. The PremiumContact 6 stopped 7 metres shorter than the worst tyre on test – equivalent to two car lengths.


The Continental PremiumContact 6 is a summer tyre developed for a maximum in dry and wet braking performance. It is available in size dimensions from 15” to 22” and covers a broad selection of fitments for almost every vehicle type as i.e. small, medium or big size SUVs as well as compact and medium sized cars.

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