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New Head of Tire Trade and Service Subsidiary ContiTrade


At the beginning of September, Paul Williams (53) took charge of ContiTrade, the tire trade and service subsidiary of tire manufacturer Continental in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Under Williams’ leadership, the tire trade and service subsidiary with its roughly 2,000 outlets and more than 1,250 franchise partners in the EMEA region is to be even more closely aligned with customer requirements. “Our aim is to offer our customers a portfolio of tire-related and maintenance services for their vehicles that is tailored to their needs. With that in mind, we are gearing our products and services precisely to the different requirements of our customer groups – from private individuals with their own cars via operators of ride-sharing fleets to small and large logistics companies,” says Williams, who comes from England and has been with Continental since 2001. In the process, the further expansion of the service portfolio will be a key focus. Prior to moving to Continental HQ in Hanover, Williams was responsible for Continental’s truck tire business in North and South America, where he acquired extensive experience in fleet business development.

Paul Williams (right) takes over from former head of ContiTrade, Jürgen Marth

The former Head of ContiTrade, Jürgen Marth (51), is applying his experience of service networks to the management of Continental’s replacement tire business. In July 2020 he took charge of passenger and truck tire sales in Central Europe, as well as international key account business in EMEA. “On the industrial side too we are focusing all our activities on our customer groups and listening to them very carefully, so as to be able to offer them customized products and solutions,” confirms Marth. 

Both of these organizational changes help implement the new business strategy of Continental’s EMEA passenger and truck tire replacement business, which is centered around customer groups and meeting their individual needs.

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