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The Mixing Lab is capable of replicating the entire rubber production process for tyres. However, instead of producing tyres, it generates test pieces exactly in accordance with the recipes from the materials development department. The shape and geometry of the test pieces (rubber sheets, rings or thin rods) are determined by the individual physical or chemical test methods and their specific testing equipment. Following production, the test pieces are sent on to other R&D laboratories such as the Compound Testing Lab, the Chemical Testing Labs or the Special Labs, where they are subjected to numerous different tests. 

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The ingredients for the rubber compounds such as synthetic and natural rubber, silica, technical carbon black, sulfur, zinc oxide, oils and resins are weighed out to an accuracy of one thousandth of a gram using high-precision balances and then mixed together into a perfect compound.  

Mixing Lab

However unusual a recipe or ingredient may seem, such as  Taraxagum, the sustainable rubber extracted from dandelions, the lab staff have around one thousand ingredients in various grades and types to hand to satisfy any request.

The uncured compound is produced in special internal mixers of various sizes with mixing quantities ranging from 15 grams to two kilograms.

The uncured compounds are then spread out under tightly controlled conditions, cut to size and vulcanised in curing presses. The duration of the vulcanisation process is a key determinant of the subsequent outcome. The Mixing Lab is also responsible for continuous optimisation and thus for quality assurance of compounds in series produced tyres. This includes monitoring the quality of incoming raw materials from external suppliers, materials such as resins, oils and carbon black. These ingredients undergo numerous quality tests in the lab and mixing room before they can be used for production in one of our global tyre plants. So, the mixing room acts as the hands-on link between materials development and the various testing departments.


The uncured compounds are then spread out under tightly controlled conditions, cut to size and vulcanised in curing presses.

Mixing Lab

Each year the mixing room prepares around 10,000 compounds which are converted into over 100,000 test pieces which in turn yield over one million test results. The focus of investigation is primarily on tyre tread characteristics, but test pieces are also produced for sidewall or casing compounds, where the bond between metals and synthetic fibres is an additional significant factor.