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What do the tires on your car and the soles of your shoes have in common? One essential factor; they ensure safe contact with the ground. Whether you’re pounding the tarmac or scaling craggy mountains, Continental can take you further. Our rubber soles provide runners with the grip they need to make every mile count in training and competition. They're also ready to meet the toughest conditions of the great outdoors, so hikers and mountaineers can be confident their shoes will see them through any situation.

Setting records, then breaking them

Since 2009, we have been in close collaboration with leading sports equipment manufacturer adidas to create the best performance shoes possible. And when professional tire designers join forces with sports shoe experts, it paves the way toward a series of sensational world records.

Experience here how a pair of freerunning athlets managed the world record attempt at the Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze, a ski-jumping ramp in Oberstdorf, Germany.

The science of sport

Behind the glory of sporting victory, there are scientific breakthroughs.

The development engineers at Continental set themselves the task of coming up with the ideal natural and synthetic rubber compounds to make a significant difference to the athlete’s performance – regardless of weather conditions, temperature, or the surface they are running on.

The result of the efforts is a sole that offers 30 percent more traction, a reduction in slip, and more efficient running than ever before.

With the partnership between Continental and adidas, the range of joint developments in the shoe market have progressively expanded. Today there are hundreds of different adidas running and trekking shoes for men and women on the shelves, all with Continental soles that offer exceptional grip.

From tire technology to soles for running shoes: Watch the whole story of adidas and Continental tires here:


The results of a successful partnership between Continental and adidas

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