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Continental’s commitment to road safety

For bikes and cars, tires are the most important point of contact

Our roads make up a complex ecosystem, filled with a steadily increasing volume of traffic. And whether those roads are in use by pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes, cars or trucks, Continental supports everyone in sharing the road safely.

As a leading automotive supplier for over 140 years, Continental has long been a passionate advocate for greater road safety. Our commitment is reflected in the development and production of tires for cars and bicycles, where we invest heavily in innovations for secure grip and handling in all road conditions. And we are striving to completely eliminate road fatalities, injuries, and accidents through the Vision Zero initiative.

Tires are the sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road. In a critical situation, it is the tire that determines whether the vehicle can stop in time — or whether it stays safely on course through a corner. This is why we want to inform as many drivers as possible, all over the world, about the safety benefits of using high-tech tires inflated to the correct pressure and with adequate tread depth.

Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and Head of the Tire Division

Riding on Black Gold

Achieving zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents is an ambitious goal, and it’s not impossible. One way to support this plan is through Continental’s official partnerships with key sporting events like Tour de France, Vuelta a España, Giro D’Italia, and Prudential RideLondon. From these global platforms, we’re making a coordinated push to emphasize the importance of road safety.

Our company has a proud history of manufacturing high-tech tires for the Tour de France and many other cycle races around the world. And our involvement at these events also extends to other vehicles on the road, supplying tires to the official support cars and motorcycles present at each event.

So it’s not just the athletes who ride on “black gold” from Continental; it’s the logistical specialists who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Whichever the pedal or whatever the wheel, both are equipped with the latest tire technology featuring the highest standards of performance and reliability. We never stop moving forward; sharing the road safely.


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