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Continental winter tire expertise

Our winter tire expertise

Our winter tire expertise

As the winter tire expert, Continental presents essential facts about the cold season and how to drive safely through wintry road conditions.


When do you need winter tires?

As the winter tire expert, Continental recommends to change to winter tires when the average temperature drops below 7° Celsius. 

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Winter tire laws

Winter tire laws Europe

In some European countries snow chains may only be used where there’s sufficient snow. Time to learn about Europe’s legal tyre requirements.

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Tire markings


Did you ever notice the Alpine symbol and M+S icon on your tire’s sidewall? Get to know them and check if your winter tires’ tread depth is ready for the cold season.

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Tested for your safety

Winter tires tested for your safety

From winter to summer tyre tests – over 140,000 tyres are tested each year on a total of 200 million kilometres by Continental.

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Independent tests

Independent winter tire tests

Our multi-award-winning tires are regularly tested by independent international magazines, especially when it comes to our winter tire expertise. Discover Continental’s excellent reviews and decide for yourself.

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