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Stay mobile whatever happens

ContiSupportRing (CSR)

Mobility in case of puncture

CSR is an innovative development that ensures the mobility of the vehicle in the event of a puncture.

  • Results in no impairment of tire performance in normal operation
  • Ensures a range of up to 200 km in the event of a puncture
  • Easy to mount and demount with standard tires and rims
  • Released for the Maybach from DaimlerChrysler as original equipment

Spare wheel: minus. Stowage: plus.

About the technology

The principle behind CSR is simple: A light stainless steel ring (1) with flexible support (2) is mounted with a standard tire on a standard rim.

CSR has been developed especially for standard rims and standard tires with higher side walls and larger profiles.

The tire manufacturer Continental AG has been awarded the "Stahl-Innovationspreis 2006" in the Steel Products category. The prize honored the ContiSupportRing runflat system.

SportContact™ 6

CSR works for most common dimensions.

Technical details

Because of the good riding comfort CSR afford, drivers hardly notice any pressure loss in the event of a flat; to increase both safety in the event of a flat and performance during normal driving, the CSR system is supplied only together with an inflation warning system – either TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) or DDS (Deflation Detection System), both of which were likewise developed by Continental.

These warning systems alert the driver when a drop in inflation pressure requires investigation via a display on the instrument panel. ContiSupportRing as well as the inflation warning systems TPMS/DDS are exclusively installed in original equipment.

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