Continental revolutionizes stud technology – by introducing the ContiFlexStud™

The revolution of stud technology

Break the ice with the new ContiFlexStud™

A Winter Driving Breakthrough

Continental is proud to present the latest innovation in tire technology, the new ContiFlexStud™. It's a whole new type of stud that signifies an exciting revolution in the winter driving experience, developed with Continental’s unparalleled engineering expertise.

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Why is the ContiFlexStud™ so extraordinary?

The ContiFlexStud™ is a brand-new design. It delivers dramatically reduced road wear, grip on ice, longer-lasting performance over lifetime and less interior stud noise. Just one of those performance factors would be welcomed by drivers who face substantial snow and ice on the roads every winter. To have all four in only one stud, however, makes it an essential partner for the most extreme driving conditions.

The ContiFlexStud™ represents a total revolution in winter driving technology.

If you live in regions with extreme weather conditions every winter, there's no better solution to provide optimal performance and safety.

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Exceptional grip on ice.

The hard metal pin achieves a higher intrusion into the ice thanks to the stud’s flexible rubber body which adapts to the road surface. The result is a higher transmission of force from your car and a significant gain of 7 percent grip on icy surfaces.

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Less interior stud noise.

Standard studded snow tires generate a great deal of road noise. This can make the ride less comfortable for you and your passengers. Using the ContiFlexStud™ reduces interior stud noise levels. Thanks to the advanced rubber encasing the stud body, there’s less metal grinding against the road surface and therefore less noise. We're confident this will be the most comfortable ride on studded snow tires that you'll ever have.

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Reduced road wear.

The new ContiFlexStud™ has an outer rubber body which adapts to the road surface. That's a game-changer when the surface of the road is never absolutely level; other types of stud will tear into a paved road and damage it. By comparison, the rubber body of the ContiFlexStud™ causes less road wear because it mitigates the impact of the metal pin at its core. In fact, our tests show a massive improvement in road wear performance by as much as 20 percent.

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Longer-lasting performance over lifetime.

The radical new design of the ContiFlexStud™ provides yet another benefit, which is superior wear performance matching the full lifetime of the tire. The stud’s rubber body wears down along with the tire’s tread. This allows the stud to maintain the pin’s effectiveness – resulting in better driving safety over the full lifetime of the tire.

The all-new IceContact™ 3

A winter´s revolution with ContiFlexStud™ technology

Learn from the winter weather pros

How well does this new technology perform on the road? To find out, we asked a group of professionals who know a thing or two about extreme winter conditions – taxi drivers. They were specially selected to test the prototype in real-world situations, and they were impressed with the results.

Christer Mattsson, TABCAB AB, Arvidsjaur Sweden


"It was so slippery with black ice that the county bus company cancelled all traffic, we drove just as usual thanks to this new stud technology."

Christer Mattsson, TABCAB AB, Arvidsjaur Sweden

Fredrik Öberg, Pitea Taxi AB Sweden


"I'm very picky, braking performance is very crucial, and I've been impressed with this new stud technology."

Fredrik Öberg, Piteå Taxi AB Sweden