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In critical situations, a few millimeters can make all the difference, especially at high speeds. Worn-out tires, even if the tread depth is within legal limits, can drastically reduce control over your car while cornering and braking. In wet conditions, a sufficient tread depth is even more essential. Why wouldn’t you check your tires’ condition and protect yourself, your family and pedestrians? Help us make our vision a reality: a world without traffic accidents.


Why tread depth matters


40% of road traffic accidents caused by vehicle defects are tire related


Be prepared for responsible motoring

ContiTreadCheck uses laser scan technology to quickly and accurately measure the depth of your tire tread. A comprehensive report is then produced for you to pick up at your leisure online. Responsible motorists want to know if their tires are unsafe.

As tread depth declines, you lose grip in critical situations. Many accidents could be avoided if people took responsibility for ensuring their tires protect them in dangerous conditions. If you’re ever forced to brake or swerve at high speed, your safety and that of others depends on the condition of your tires.

ContiTreadCheck is our free service that makes you aware of the conditions your tires are in. This way you have one less thing to worry about.


20% of motorists admit they never check the condition of their tires

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Main partner of the Tour de France

Continental is main partner of this year’s Tour de France, providing tires for the main service cars such as the race director, time keeper as well as the doctor. We take this responsibility seriously, as the safety of staff, competitors and spectators is in our hands. Our commitment to safety extends to spectators’ cars: we are offering them a free tire check, including a digital report on their tires’ tread depth and recommendations on whether they need replacing or are safe for their next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the measurement of the tires work?

Measurement is carried by Continental's contracted agents that are trained extensively to perform the measurements. While measuring, the tires are only touched with the device causing no harm to the vehicle or to the tire. The technology is very precise. The pattern depths and recommendations provided are just guides. Every consumer is responsible for their own and road safety.

Why is it important to check pattern depth of tires?

By law, tires used on public roads must comply with the minimum pattern depth prescribed. These minimum pattern depth are to ensure your and road safety. One of the main jobs of the tread pattern is to expel water which can affect the tire’s contact with the road in wet conditions. In addition, the tread pattern especially that of winter tires, provides grip and traction. On wet roads at high speeds, a wedge of water can build up between the tire and the road surface which might lead to lose in road contact or aquaplaning, and the vehicle can no longer be controlled. Sufficient tread depth is vital not only in such extreme situations but also at low speeds, as there is a greater risk of having an accident in wet weather if the tires are worn.

What is the legal limit for the pattern depth?

1.6 mm is the legally required limit of pattern depth for summer tires. However, based on experience and tests, for safety reasons Continental and many other automotive experts recommend to change the tire when the pattern depth reaches 3 mm for summer tire and 4 mm for winter tire.

What could lead to unusual wear of the tire?

Incorrect inflation pressure (too high or too low), wheel alignment issues, overloading and ther misuse.

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