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Tire Identification

Tire identification - How you find out if your passenger car tire is affected

Sidewall inscription

To verify if a specific tire is affected by this program, check the tire sidewall inscription. Only tires with their brand name, product line, tire size, DOT code and the tire mold number identified in the exchange program scope are affected. The attached pictures provide samples of the relevant sidewall inscriptions.

Example for a DOT number:

Example for a tire mold number:

The last four digits of the DOT serial numbers indicate the production period (week/year). Affected tires will be replaced free of charge.

Important: The complete DOT serial number including production date is visible only on one side of the tire.

Replacement tires covered by the exchange program can be identified as follows:


Product line: EcoContact 6 MO; size: 205/55 R17 91W

DOT Number:  AF E1 D8JD 0422

Tire mold number: 255448



Product line: WinterContact TS 870; size: 205/55 R16 91H

DOT Number: 1AF 03F9ME 2822

Tire mold number: 257890



Product line: WinterContact TS 870; size: 205/55 R16 91H

DOT Number: 1AF 03F9ME 3022

Tire mold number: 256086



Product line: Gislaved UltraSpeed 2; size: 205/65 R15 94V 

DOT Number: AF UV CL6L 4121 

Tire mold number: 248885 



Product line: Matador MP62 All Weather Evo; size: 195/50 R15 82H

DOT Number: AF MV XHPT 1722

Tire mold number: 224569



Product line: Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2; size: 215/60 R16 99V XL

DOT Number: AF 5M DD9U 1722

Tire mold number: 247298

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