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Reason for this voluntary Pasenger Car Tire exchange program

What tire is affected by this voluntary exchange program?
The affected size, product line and DOT serial number is as follows:

Brand: Continental
Product line: Continental WinterContact TS 860
Tire sizes: 195/65 R 15 91 T
DOT serial number: DOT 6GAE D29W 4118

Article description              DOT serial numbers
Continental WinterContact TS 860, size 195/65 R 15 91 T

DOT 6GAE D29W 4118

The last four digits of the DOT serial numbers indicate the production period (week/year). Tires produced in 4118 (41st week of 2018) are covered by this voluntary exchange program.

Here you can find photos of the sidewall lettering to verify if your tires are affected.

Why are we conducting this voluntary exchange program?

Due to the use of a not specified tread compound material, the tires could potentially have a tread separation. This could result in tread material loss with possible negative effect on vehicle handling. To date, Continental has not received any reports of accidents or injuries in connection with this condition. The exchange program is being initiated voluntarily to avoid any potential risk to vehicle drivers and other road-users. The affected tires were delivered to customers in Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

What should you do if you have tires affected by this program?

You should ensure that the tires are exchanged as soon as possible. Please contact the local representative in your market named on the following website for details: Contact in your Country

Safety Warning:

We strongly recommend that you check if your tire is affected and if so ensure that the tire is exchanged as soon as possible.

Further information can be found in the FAQ section !