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Tire Identification

Tire identification - How you find out if your passenger car tire is affected

Sidewall inscription

To verify if a specific tire is affected by this program, check the tire sidewall inscription. Only tires with their brand name, product line, tire size and DOT code identified in the exchange program scope are affected. The attached pictures provide samples of the relevant sidewall inscriptions. The sample is a Continental WinterContact TS 860 195/65 R 15 91 T tire with DOT code 6GAE D29W 4118.

Brand: Continental


Product line: Continental WinterContact TS 860

Continental WinterContact TS 860 195/65 R 15 91 T

Tire size: 195/65 R 15 91 T

195/65 R 15 91 T

DOT serial number / production date: 6GAE D29W 4118

DOT 6GAE D29W 4118

The last four digits of the DOT serial numbers indicate the production period (week/year). Tires produced in 4118 (41st week of 2018) are covered by this voluntary exchange program.

Important: The complete DOT serial number including production date is visible only on one side of the tire.

Further information: FAQ (please click on this link)