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TKC 70 for Off-Road Terrain and the Asphalt Jungle

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TKC 70
  • A new addition to the adventure family of Continental motorcycle tires
  • Enduro tire TKC 70 glides over the asphalt as the "gentle brother" of the TKC 80

Hanover/Korbach, March 12, 2015. – Enduro drivers can now relax as they make their way through asphalt and city jungles, because the new Conti TKC 70 combines impressive off-road characteristics with convincing roadworthiness. As the "gentle brother" of the coarse-lugged classic TKC 80, the "seventies" version has been designed for 60 percent on-road and 40 percent off-road use.

This off-road/on-road mix is possible thanks to the low block movement in the moderate tread and even rolling on a smooth surface. The tire is thus a completely newly designed trail tire suitable for off-road use, which is available in radial or cross-ply construction with a speed index of up to 240 kilometers per hour. The special Semi-Dual-Compound technology from Continental permits different degrees of hardness on the tread and on the flanks, leading to a longer tire life and even more grip.

Another outstanding property is the RainGrip feature, which guarantees good contact to the road surface even in wet conditions thanks to the special rubber compound, and reaches operating temperature after only a few revolutions. In addition, the zero-degree steel belt structure ensures high stability and low kickback. The TKC 70 is available now from qualified dealers. It supplements the "off-roader" TKC 80 which is celebrating its 30th birthday this year.

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