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  • Continental TKC 80 was first unveiled 30 years ago
  • High-performance enduro tires for asphalt and off-road terrain

Hanover/Korbach, Germany, June 18, 2015. Off-road riders swear by them, asphalt cowboys praise them, and the new generation of urban bikers treat their café racers to a set of rough-tread rubber wheels. And this year they will all celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Continental's all-round TKC 80 – which is as happy off-road as it is on it. Rough tread that is finely tuned: these are the motorcycle tires that have been helping off-road and travel enduros both look good and perform at the top of their game since 1985. Some street-bike riders even use the rough-tread tires to stand out from the crowd at ice-cream parlors.


TKC 80 received rave reviews the very first time it appeared on the market – and that hasn't changed. Never before had there been a tire that offered both reliable grip for on and off road

and excellent durability. The all-rounder has fast become the insider's tip throughout the continent. From the Transdanubia Ride to a variety of enduro groups, the TKC 80 is still used today by most sport and travel enduro riders.


The tire sizes have progressed from 80/90-21 at the front and 120/70-17 at the rear when the tire was launched to today's 120/90-17 and 180/90-17 – proof that the tire has grown significantly to meet demand. Furthermore, the compound has been continually modified over the past three decades by specialists in Korbach, Germany, to overcome new challenges. Increasing loads such as machine weight and speed are a true breath of fresh air for TKC 80 because, even after 30 years, the future still belongs to the fine rough tread.

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