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  • Slick tire for ultimate performance
  • State-of-the-art sports tire for motorcycle racing and training
  • Always suitably equipped: the Continental Racing Tires ABC

Hanover/Korbach, March 16, 2016. Round and smooth with excellent grip – these are the features of the new ContiTrack slick tire from Continental that is now coming out in pole position. With this state-of-the-art sports tire from Korbach on the rims, racing fans can readjust their lap time stopwatches and reset them to zero this year.


ContiTrack is currently available in the following sizes and compounds:


17‘‘ 120/70 R17NHS TL ContiTrack soft

17‘‘ 180/60 R 17 NHS TL ContiTrack soft
17‘‘ 180/60 R 17 NHS TL ContiTrack medium
17‘‘ 180/60 R 17 NHS TL ContiTrack hard
17‘‘ 190/60 R 17 NHS TL ContiTrack soft
17‘‘ 190/60 R 17 NHS TL ContiTrack medium
17‘‘ 190/60 R 17 NHS TL ContiTrack hard.


Additional sizes are in the pipeline. Customers can find out about their availability at any time at

ContiTrack offers a sustainably higher level of performance with increased durability. The new carcass structure provides much greater stability when braking and ensures more precise steering as well as noticeably greater traction on corner exit. Thanks to the ZeroDegree steel belt construction, the tire guarantees great stability at high speeds and an extremely low kickback tendency.

"When developing ContiTrack, we focused in particular on producing three variants of carefully balanced compounds," explains Edwin Goudwaard, head of Research and Development. The innovative super sports tire is completely "handmade in Germany" and comes from the "tire bakery" in Korbach am Edersee.

Alternative tread designs to the "smooth" ContiTrack are listed in the new "Racing Tires ABC" by Continental. In addition to an overview of all sports and super sports tires suitable for the race track, including the available sizes, the ABC also provides useful tips on how to choose the right tires.





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