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On the move in 2020 - Continental launches six outstanding new motorcycle tires in three segments

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  • The new products for 2020: Three sport, two road and one all-terrain
  • Sport tires with a wide range of uses
  • Global quality standards for all tire segments 

Hanover/Korbach, October 30, 2019. Continental Motorcycle Tires sprints into the 2020 motorcycle season by taking a strong lead in setting individual product lines apart.

ContiSportAttack 4

The new ContiSportAttack 4 road sport tire is the successor to the ContiSportAttack 3 with a significantly greater contact surface at extremely lean angles than its predecessor. Characteristics such as road grip, precision and handling were also optimized, setting new standards in excellence thanks to Continental's secret BlackChili compound.

ContiRaceAttack 2 Street und ContiRaceAttack 2 soft / medium  

For more hard core sports riders, Korbach presents the hypersport ContiRaceAttack 2 Street road tire in its portfolio – a racing tire that can also handle allround duties. It replaces the ContiRaceAttack Comp.End. For more extreme duties and if the amateur race track is your second home, then opt for the further enhanced ContiRaceAttack 2 and its uncompromising racing qualities – in 'soft' or 'medium', these allow reduced air pressure and tire warmers for even greater race track performance. It replaces the ContiRaceAttack Comp. These two new products also excel in outstanding track stability and road grip attributes thanks to the BlackChili compound.

TKC 70 Rocks

The fourth challenger in Continental's 2020 tire assault is the TKC 70 Rocks – a rear tire without a solid backbone and with knobs over the entire tread pattern. It's a cross between the TKC 70 and TKC 80 and can be used on wider types of terrain than the TKC 70 and is better on the road than the TKC 80, offering an attractive alternative with greater versatility and freedom. The TKC 70 Rocks can be combined with the front wheel tires of the TKC 70, creating an additional tire option for those who yearn for the horizon offroad.


ContiRoad will lead the way in 2nd line sport touring tires. This agile marathon runner is Engineered in Germany, and its Korbach design and technology is clearly evident. It's placed between the ContiRoadAttack 3 and its predecessor the ContiRoadAttack 2. The 'EVO' will be discontinued, but the ContiMotion remains in the portfolio.


For motorcycles with small displacement engines, we present the ContiStreet – an entirely new cross-ply tire, which replaces the ContiGO! (City). This will set new standards for commuter tires with a radical departmure in design from conventional. Like the ContiRoad, the ContiStreet was designed using Korbach technologies and experiences, gained from the multi-award winning ContiRoadAttack 3. Both tires stand out from the crowd when it comes to dependability, road grip and lifespan.

Engineered in Germany

By creating additional production capacity in Asia, Continental is taking into account the increased demand for motorcycle tires worldwide. “Our Engineered in Germany quality label represents a combination of Korbach expertise and Asian precision, which ensures that we're able to meet the challenge of producing high additional volume,” explains Martin Burdorf, Head of Sales and Marketing Continental Motorcycle Tires. The trusted Handcrafted in Germany label established over many years continues to include all radial ply tires produced at the Korbach site today.