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"Motorrad Magazin" Austria recommends Continental sports tire

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20200717-CSA4MotorradMagazin (1)
  • New ContiSportAttack 4 is excellent
  • First place out of seven
  • Best rating: 94 out of 100 points

Hanover / Korbach, July 17, 2020. Momentous event for motorcycle tire testers in Austria: seven modern, road homologated sports tires were subjected to a wide-ranging test procedure to demonstrate their performance. In the end, two of the seven candidates secured the "Buying recommendation" in issue 6/2020 of the Austrian “Motorrad Magazin”.

Warm-up time, grip with cold and warm tires, handling, dry and wet braking as well as self-damping were the measurable criteria. Trust in extreme lean-angles and trust in wet conditions were among the subjective evaluation criteria. To ensure test impartially, the test rider was led “blind” to the machines.

While the "best buy" was awarded to two manufacturers, the ContiSportAttack 4 achieved the best overall rating in the test with 94 out of 100 possible points. The final feedback of the tester was accordingly positive: “The Conti brings a sensational grip immediately after starting off and therefore works perfectly even at lower temperatures. The trust in extreme lean angles is excellent and the handling was far better than any of the other test candidates - whether on dry or wet asphalt."

Detailed information on the new ContiSportAttack 4 and the entire delivery program for Continental Motorcycle Tires is available at

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