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TractionSkin Technology Makes Korbach Motorcycle Tires Unique

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  • Tires vulcanized without release agent
  • Excellent grip from the start
  • Breaking-in the tire is essential for optimal performance  

Hanover/Korbach, September 18, 2020. After all of the components in a tire have been joined together, the next step in the tire-making process takes place: vulcanization. During the conventional curing process, the rubber bladder is coated with a release agent to ensure that it does not stick to the tire. The advantage: The tire slips smoothly out of the mold. The disadvantage: Release agent residues adhere to the tire’s surface and have to be ridden off before the tire’s first “high-speed use.” It can take many kilometers to wear off the release agent before the tire performs with the required grip level.

The Conti Attack tires produced in Korbach are completely different: Thanks to Continental’s unique TractionSkin technology. A special coating on the tire mold allows for the tire to be demolded without a release agent. In addition to the tire’s microrough surface, this separation process provides for outstanding grip on the road right from the very first kilometer. This means that “Attack” pilots don’t need to take any extra laps to remove production residues.

The break-in time remains unaffected by this “instant grip effect”, which, depending on the road conditions and the rider’s riding style, can be around 160 kilometers. Strong acceleration, hard braking, and extreme leaning should be avoided during this period. “In the initial phase, the tire needs moderate, uniform loading to reach optimal performance following vulcanization at the plant and to adapt to the operating conditions of extremely high-performance motorcycles,” explains Volker Plett from technical customer service for motorcycle tires at Continental. This means that full-throttle highway sections are an absolute no-go during the tire break-in period, while leisurely cross-country routes are ideal. In this context, the higher the speed and power of the bike, the greater the loads on the tire.

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