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PS magazine selects track day slicks test winner: ContiTrack 1st place

Press Release

  • PS issue 07/21: four racetrack slicks in the test
  • Overall victory for the ContiTrack
  • Five times ahead in eight disciplines

Hanover / Korbach, June 11th, 2021. In the comparison test of four racetrack slicks for ambitious hobby racers in the July issue of the sports motorcycle magazine "PS", the ContiTrack ranked first. In eight disciplines, the tire from Korbach was five times ahead and achieved a total of 183 out of 230 possible points. The competitors received 180 and 171 points.

On the demanding GP course “Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya” in Spain, the PS testers rated the handling, precision, stability, grip, behavior at the limit, righting moment when braking, feedback and lap times on a Honda Fireblade SP. The testers conclusion: “Best handling and highest precision within the track day slicks. This makes the Conti rider totally trust the feedback on the front wheel, which is really fun. (...) Overall, a great rubber for hobby racers, test victory in his group."

The ContiTrack is the right choice for amateur pilots during track days. Different compound ratios also ensure an optimal flexibility from standard super sport to modified superbikes. The racing slicks are not street legal.

Here you can find our racing tires flyer.

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