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Valtra Smart Tour 2019 with Continental

Valtra is celebrating its 5th anniversary of the Valtra SmartTour in 2019. This year Continental is going to be the official tour partner and will be touring all over Europe to visit farmers, fans and field enthusiasts. The three key highlights of the tour are: 

- Interactive presentation with SmartTour show truck

- Information & demonstration of new products

- Platform to test-drive new generation of A,N,T,S tractors

Meet us in the field to find out more about our comprehensive agricultural tire portfolio.

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We are very happy to have Continental as our official tyre partner for the 2019 SmartTour. Our tour is a great chance for our customers to ride and drive our tractors and see how, along with our partners, our professional solutions can be the perfect fit for their business.

Samuel Hardy, Valtra SmartTour Manager
Valtra SmartTour Global

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