Products for Commercial Specialty Vehicles


Multi Purpose Tires



Tough conditions. Flexible solution.


The Continental LM888 is the perfect solution when the going gets tough and traction counts. The Protection Rib protects the side wall from foreign object damage.

  • Perfect traction on any surface 
  • Fewer vibrations on gravel roads
  • Minimizes punctures
  • Suitable for any wheel position
  • Protection rib helps prevent damage to the sidewall
  • Low rolling resistance


Technical Details

  • Optimum protection against foreign objects
LM888 Turtle Contour
  • Protects side wall effectively from foreign damage
LM888 Protection Rib
  • Durability and rolling resistance with V.ply Technology 
  • Long tire life, due to low heat builup
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • High load
LM888 V.Ply

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