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Construction Innovation Day 2018

Truck tire solutions for your

Construction business.

Two worlds. One solution.

The new Conti CrossTrac.

If you're battling rocks and roads, we'll pave the way.

Road maintenance, building construction, forestry – transport to and on construction sites can be a tough business. To succeed, you will need equipment that works reliably, on- and off-road, day in, day out.

Harsh sites. Long rides. Conti CrossTrac. Simply keeps going.

The new Conti CrossTrac tire line has been designed based on the latest truck tire technology and Continental's long-standing experience, knowing that the tire needs to cater to the requirements of very different applications.

While climbing the narrow and stony roads, I really have to rely on my tires. With their very good traction and high durability Continental Construction tires turn out to be an excellent choice for my needs.

Giuseppe, driver at Toscana Scavi S.r.l., based in Italy

Ready for a retread? Enter the ContiLifeCycle.

Continental's advanced hot- and cold-retreading solutions provide for additional mileage in a second or even third life. This will not only benefit your budget, but the environment too – reusing the tire casing saves energy and resources.

Construction Innovation Days 2018, Málaga.

The new Conti CrossTrac for mixed on-/off-road applications has celebrated its premiere at the Continental Construction Innovation Days 2018 in Málaga from April 17 until April 19.

Take it to the next level. With digital tire monitoring.

Underinflated tires are a major cause for breakdowns, downtime and a reduced casing life. Hence, verifying proper air pressure and temperature is key. Discover our digital tire-monitoring solutions ContiPressureCheck™ and ContiConnect™.

The new Conti CrossTrac.