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ContiPressureCheck™ Integrated in Ruptela’s Telematics Solution


ContiPressureCheck Integrated in Ruptela’s Telematics Solution

  • Ruptela – an international transport management solutions provider with headquarters in Lithuania – integrates ContiPressureCheck™ in its telematics software

  • ContiPressureCheck™ – the Continental system for monitoring truck and bus tire pressure and temperature in real time – increases fleet cost efficiency, and prevents idle time caused by tire-related breakdowns

Hanover, May 4, 2017. Ruptela UAB, a Lithuanian-based provider of software solutions for real-time monitoring of vehicles and optimization of transport fleet management processes, integrated ContiPressureCheck in its tools. Transport companies using Ruptela devices thus benefit from a comprehensive fleet management solution including the real-time monitoring of their tires.

“The fact that ContiPressureCheck is integrated in its systems by Ruptela, an independent telematics company, is a clear signal that our tire pressure monitoring system has been well received by the market. The cooperation with another telematics provider confirms that ContiPressureCheck is a value-adding solution that enables transport companies to generate real savings and to efficiently manage the tires in their fleet,” says Daniel Gainza, Marketing Director of Continental Truck Tires EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

With both systems integrated, monitoring tire pressure will become easier and more transparent. Tire data collected with ContiPressureCheck™ in real time will be available to both the dispatcher’s computer and the vehicle’s driver, thanks to a network connection with Ruptela’s system. If there is a deviation from the defined values, both fleet managers and drivers will be able to react quickly in order to prevent potential time-consuming downtimes.

The ContiPressureCheck™ system comprises one transmitter – 2 cm long and weighing less than 20 grams including sensors – and a processor, which is affixed to the inside of the tire tread in a rubber bracket. When the tire is changed, the processor can be removed from the bracket and reused in the new tire. The battery lasts six years, or approx. 600,000 km. ContiPressureCheck™ is compatible with all tire brands and all vehicles.

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