Products for Transport

Takes your fleet further.
And your performance, too.

Overview: Product Lines

Generation 5. Together we make a difference.

Generation 5. Together we make a difference.

We are opening a new chapter in the history of logistic and transportation. This is the beginning of a new era of truck and bus tires.

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Generation 3. Driven by your needs.


In Generation 3 we combine our technological competence and our market-specific knowledge with an essential ingredient: your feedback.

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Truck Tires: Goods


Tires designed for the Goods segment are optimized to satisfy the needs of our customers in the transport industry business.

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Bus and Coach Tires: People


Tires designed for the People segment are optimized to satisfy the needs of our customers in the passenger transport industry.

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Truck Tires: Construction


Tires designed for the Construction segment are optimized to meet the needs of all our operators; whether exclusively off-road or for on and off-road operations.

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Our tire pressure monitoring system for individual vehicles or multiple vehicles integrated via your telematics solution.

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