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Experiences with Continental Truck Tires.

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Patinter S.A., Portugal

"...mileage, retreadability and safety."

"The key tire properties for us are fuel consumption, mileage, retreadability and safety. Continental is a real partner to Patinter, offering us a reliable package. In view of the quality and performance of Continental premium tires, their purchase price is of lesser importance. Continental is always available at short notice with reliable and high-quality service."

Francisco Polonio, Owner of Patinter

Schenker AB, Sweden

"Premium quality and European service network are what we most appreciate.”

"Continental is a premium quality tire with good casing. Long distance tires have to have the whole package, which is what Continental tires offer. Premium quality and European service network is what we most appreciate."

Ola Ahlqvist, General Manager & Rustan Eliasson, Fleet Manager

Schenker in Sweden:
Schenker AB was founded in October 1998, when BTL Sweden and Schenker Transport were merged into one company. Since then, the company has developed rapidly.

In Sweden Schenker offers companies a variety of domestic and international transport and logistics services. With advanced traffic and information systems, strict quality guidelines, environmental experience and effective logistics services, Schenker is striving to provide strategical development in logistics and advice.

Schenker in Sweden has 4,177 employees divided into 2,140 white-collar workers and 1,977 employed under collective agreement. In addition to that about 7,000 people indirectly work for the company via subsidiaries.

Wackfelt Transport AB, Sweden

"...the right price for the whole package."

"Most important for me is, that I can always count and rely on the performance. What we need is a reliable product to meet deadlines. Since I have been driving with Continental, there is maybe one breakdown per year. So the tires are very reliable.

I was using Michelin before, but was not satisfied with the service, as it was not reliable. Afterwards I changed to Bridgestone, but did not think the quality was good. So today, I only use Continental.

Continental tires offer the right price for the whole package. This is very important to me. It is a comprehensive offer: very good service and mileage cost. The personal contact is of big importance to me. I am working with a Continental representative who takes care of the technical part and provides me with very professional service. I can always count on him."

Jonas Wackfelt, Owner