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Across the world, Continental Truck Tires move loads of ore, rocks and other materials weighing many tons, showing their mettle – coping with harsh terrain and demonstrating cost efficiency.

  • High operational safety, long-lasting service and outstanding resistance to damage through compounds with extreme resistance to cuts and tears
  • Enormous traction, even on harshest terrain, thanks to tread pattern structure and geometry
  • Most durable casing design for maximum service life in demanding off-road use, also involving heavy-duty vehicles
  • M + S marking

Product range

Tire size LI / SI M+S Label Landing Page
14.00 R 20 164/160K (166/160G) M+S - - 00dB/ - Show Label
365/85 R 20 164/000J M+S - - 00dB/ - Show Label
395/85 R 20 168/000J (166/000K) M+S - - 00/ - Show Label
395/85 R 20 168/000J (166/000K) M+S - - 00dB/ - Show Label
445/65 R 22.5 169/000K M+S - - 00/ - Show Label

EU Tire Label

Wet grip

The wet grip rating indicates how well the tire will perform in wet conditions, with performance graded from class A down to class E. A high grade means short braking distances on wet roads.

Fuel efficiency

Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel and cuts CO2 emissions. Class A tires deliver the best fuel efficiency, with fuel consumption increasing for each subsequent class through to E.

Noise level

This is the external rolling noise generated by the tire, measured in decibels. The label shows the noise level rated in classes from A to C.  

In addition to these three values, there are also icons − if applicable − relating to performance in severe snow conditions (3PMSF) and/or grip in icy conditions (for C1 tires only).

With the EU label generator, you can access the specific label values for your Continental tires.

For further details on the new EU Tire Label (2020/740) please click here.



Easier and faster regrooving thanks to new regrooving indicators

Read more about ContiLifeCycle™


Depth (mm)      Width (mm)
445/65  R 22.5      3.5A:25  B:7

  • Premium retreadability due to durable casing with AirKeep inner liner, new and improved belt cord construction and new belt skim compound

Specialty Tires for Construction Applications

Continental MPT80 14.5R20

The On- and Off- Road Tire

The MPT80 is a  tire with good off-road attributions and economical benefits. 

  • High mileage
  • Superb off-road traction
  • Superior self-cleaning
  • Flexible carcass

For further information click here to get directed to the Commercial Speciality Tires MPT 80 product page.

Continental MPT81 315/55 R16

Developed for Mud and Snow.

The MPT 81 is a high-tech Multi Purpose Tire which performs on-road and off-road and provides excellent winter traction.

  • Low vibration
  • Low noise development
  • Good traction on snow and ice

For further information click here to get directed to the Commercial Speciality Tires MPT 81 product page.

EM Master 29.5 R25

The new EM-Master E3/L3 offers excellent self-cleaning characteristics, powerful traction, and good maneuverability that facilitate the use in muddy and soft terrain. 

For ADTs, Loader & Dozer

Conti EM-Master E3/L3

  • Normal tread depth
  • Wider spacing of blocks than E4/L4
  • Outstanding self cleaning abilities
  • Powerful traction on soft and muddy terrain
  • Less heat build up because of open tread design (better cooling)

Conti EM-Master E4/L4

  • Lesser spacing between blocks than E3/L3
  • Deep tread depth for higher carcass protection against cuts and object penetrations
  • Higher tread wear volume and therefore more service life compared to E3/L3

For further information click here to get directed to the Commercial Speciality Tires Conti EM-Master product page.