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Conti EcoRegional HD3+

Conti EcoRegional HD3+






Where fuel efficiency meets powerful performance.


The new improved Conti EcoRegional HD3+ helps to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Modified casing construction for better rolling resistance without impacting mileage
  • New special production process for the drive axle tire resulting in better rolling resistance
  • Proven tread design focused on traction and wet braking to help master everyday challenges in regional applications
  • Innovative compound – also used in the Conti EcoRegional HD3 predecessor – enabling a previously unattained balance between mileage and rolling resistance
Conti EcoRegional HD3+

Technical details

Conti Diamond Technique: Production process for low rolling resistance

Good things take time. That's why we used the Conti Diamond Technique to lower the rolling resistance of the new Conti EcoRegional HS3+ and − thanks to a new production process for the drive axle tire – the Conti EcoRegional HD3+ as well. Why diamond? Because diamonds take a long time to form, and as we cure these tires at relatively low temperatures, this too takes longer. That gives the compound ingredients more time to react with one another and crosslink more effectively.

  • Conti Diamond Technique: Polymers and carbon particles have more time to react with one another and crosslink more effectively for less internal friction within the compound
  • Less build-up of heat resulting in lower rolling resistance, reduced fuel consumption and less emissions

Conti InterLock technology: The game-changing tread compound

Conti InterLock compound technology results in an optimum bond between the compound ingredients, so that less internal friction occurs. This translates into lower rolling resistance, improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions.

  • Conti InterLock compound delivers a previously unattained balance between the tire’s mileage and its rolling resistance on regional roads
  • State-of-the-art filler material ensures optimum interaction and bonding with the polymers in the rubber compound
  • Innovative polymer with better binding properties that help it interlock more effectively with the filler elements

Our renowned tread design for regional roads

As the saying goes, you should never change a winning system. That’s why we have retained the tread pattern of the predecessor model, the Conti EcoRegional HD3, and our renowned Conti Hybrid HD3 to give you top performance on hilly, winding roads. So with its compound formula now specially designed for rolling resistance, the tread is the same, only different.

This tread offers you: 

  • Excellent handling, grip and mileage on regional roads
  • A block design that cuts wear by reducing the contact patch for significantly more mileage
  • A low-void design for less deformation
  • More gripping edges and 3D sipes for better traction, tread stability and durability

Product range

Conti EcoRegional HD3+
Tire size LI / SI M+S Label Landing Page
315/70 R 22.5 154/150L (152/148M) M+S C C 73dB/A 3PMSF Show Label
315/70 R 22.5 154/150L (152/148M) M+S C C 73dB/A 3PMSF Show Label
315/80 R 22.5 156/150L (154/150M) M+S C C 73dB/A 3PMSF Show Label
315/80 R 22.5 156/150L (154/150M) M+S C C 73dB/A 3PMSF Show Label

Further sizes coming soon, for more details download the product brochure.