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Conti EcoRegional HS3

Conti EcoRegional HS3






Where fuel efficiency meets powerful performance


The new Conti EcoRegional – designed to cut fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

  • Minimum rolling resistance thanks to our Conti Diamond Technique, a special production process for less tire-related fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Enhanced surface styling and full-depth pocket sipes for great wet grip and even wear on regional roads
  • High mileage thanks to balanced compound formula
  • Even wear and outstanding mileage thanks to new-generation W-groove
Conti EcoRegional HS3

Technical details

Conti Diamond Technique: new production process for low rolling resistance

Good things take time. That's why, to lower the rolling resistance of the Conti EcoRegional HS3, we used the Conti Diamond Technique. Similar to the long time of diamond formation, it implies that the steer tires are cured at relatively low temperatures, which means it takes longer. This gives the compound ingredients more time to react with one another and crosslink more effectively.

  • New Conti Diamond Technique: polymers and carbon particles have more time to react with one another and crosslink more effectively for less internal friction within the compound
  • Less build-up of heat resulting in reduced rolling resistance, less fuel consumption and less emissions

For a powerful performance on regional roads: The tread design

  • New W-groove technology enables even distribution of forces along the groove when cornering, reducing stress on the tire and extending service life (available in 315/70 & 385/55 R 22.5)
  • Enhanced surface styling for great wet grip, even wear and high mileage
  • Full-depth pocket sipes at 50% of rib width minimize uneven wear and enhance water displacement for improved performance in the wet

Product range

Conti EcoRegional HS3
Tire size LI / SI M+S Label Landing Page
295/80 R 22.5 154/149M M+S C B 70dB/A 3PMSF Show Label
295/80 R 22.5 154/149M M+S C B 70dB/A 3PMSF Show Label

Further sizes coming soon, for more details download the product brochure.