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Conti EfficientPro D 22.5

Conti EfficientPro D





The low rolling-resistance tire that helps minimize fuel consumption


  • Designed exclusively for long-distance transport on motorways (vehicles covering 120,000 km plus per year)
  • Improved fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions thanks to optimized rolling resistance 

The Conti EfficientPro has been tailored to meet the demands of the long-distance road transport industry, in which fuel is a major cost factor. Thanks to optimized rolling resistance, the Conti EfficientPro helps fleets reduce operating costs and comply with regulations on CO2 emmissions.

Conti EfficientPro Performance
Conti EfficientPro D

Technical details

  • Improved pressure distribution in the tire footprint decreases rolling resistance
  • Improvements in the tire contour provide for more even wear
  • Damping-optimized compounds in tread and body improve rolling resistance

Conti EfficientPro D

EU Tire Label

EU Label EfficientPro D

EU Tire Label values vary by the tire size. The label values for further tire sizes are shown in the product range below or click on „EU Tire Label Generator“ to find directly the EU Tire Label values for your size.

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Conti EfficientPro D

Product range

Tire SizeLI/SI M+S3PMSFFuel EfficiencyWet GripExternal Rolling Noise
315/70 R22.5      

154/ 150L (152/ 148M)


Conti EfficientPro D_Regrooving Scheme


  • Premium retreadability due to durable casing with AirKeep inner liner, new and improved belt cord construction and new belt skim compound