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ContiRe CityService HA3

ContiRe CityService HA3


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Robust and economical


  • Hot retreaded tires designed for waste collection vehicles in urban environments
  • Cut and tear resistant
  • Dual-sided reinforced sidewall
  • Deep rib tread design for increased tread life and high removal mileage
  • M+S marking
ContiRe CityService HA3

Technical details

  • The four-layer triangular belt and an especially robust bead construction guarantee a long and reliable service life
  • The premium hot retreading is based on durable original Continental casings
  • Using 70 % less energy and 80 % recycled material, the ContiRe CityService makes a positive contribution to the environmental footprint of your fleet

Dual-sided reinforced sidewall

  • The sidewalls on both sides of the tires are reinforced to resist curb stone abrasion
  • Due to the non-directional tread pattern, the mileage performance can be significantly extended by simply turning the tires around when the outside is worn

Sidewall Wear Indicator

  • This smart feature indicates when the sidewall is worn. It's available on both sides and placed in four spots around the tire

Product range

CityService HA3
Tire size LI / SI M+S
295/80 R 22.5 152/148M M+S 3PMSF
295/80 R 22.5 152/148M M+S -
315/80 R 22.5 156/150L M+S 3PMSF


Easier and faster regrooving thanks to new regrooving indicators

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SizeDepth (mm)Width (mm)
295/80 R 22.53.0A: 9 B: 11
315/80 R 22.53.0A: 9 B: 11