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HTR 2 - Low Platform Tire






The pro in fuel efficiency


A heavy load, a long haul. An easy job for our tires. Low platform tires.

The HTR 2 is ideal for heavy goods transportation on country roads. Despite heavy loads, the casing and tread design provide high mileage performance and optimum fuel savings.

  • Low platform tires for maximum load volume
  • Extra load carrying capability
  • Low rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption 

Technical details


  • Rib design with narrow grooves
  • Wide shoulder area for withstanding lateral forces
  • Special grooves ensure quiet running and avoidance of stone trapping
  • Robust tread compound for abrasion resistance

Fuel savings

  • Balanced tread design for optimized rolling resistance
  • Balanced interaction between the casing and tread for higher fuel savings


  • Premium retreadability based on Continental Goods casing with new layout, triangular belt, air-keep inner liner, steel cord chafer

Product range

Tire size LI / SI M+S 3PMSF
205/65 R 17.5 129/127K (132/132G) M+S - D C 69dB/1
205/65 R 17.5 132/130J (133/133F) M+S - D C 70dB/1
215/75 R 17.5 135/133K M+S - D C 73dB/2
215/75 R 17.5 135/133K M+S - - - -
235/75 R 17.5 143/141K (144/144F) M+S - C C 71dB/2
245/70 R 17.5 143/141L (146/146F) M+S - C C 71dB/2
425/65 R 22.5 165/000K M+S - B C 73dB/2
445/65 R 22.5 169/000K - - C C 73dB/2


Easier and faster regrooving thanks to new regrooving indicators

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SizeDepth (mm)      Width (mm)
205/65  R 17.5      2.57-10
245/70 R 17.52.57-10
215/75  R 17.52.57-10
235/75  R 17.52.57-10

  • Premium retreadability due to durable casing with AirKeep inner liner, new and improved belt cord construction and new belt skim compound