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Continental Winter Tires

Continental has a history of innovation dating back more than 140 years and is renowned as leading technology supplier to the automotive industry. We created our first winter truck tire back in 1937. Since then, we have constantly re-invented the tire and its accompanying services to create innovative solutions for professional tire management. This dedication and a high level of in-house expertise is one of the many reasons why Continental tires are one of the most efficient, safest choices for trucks, buses and coaches.

1937Roads covered with ice or deep snow that can bring traffic to a halt are no longer an obstacle. Heavy vehicles equipped with Continental off-road tires can now travel along wintry mountain passes with the same precision and safety as in summer.
1953On 17 November 1953, test vehicles equipped with Continental M+S tires cross over the St. Gotthard Pass at an altitude of 2112 meters. Continental thus successfully passes the first-ever winter tire test on record.
1955Continental M+S tires for Commercial Vehicles. Based on innovations in the passenger car segment, the first M+S tires are launched in the commercial vehicle sector, laying the foundation for a leading position of Continental in the field of winter truck tires.
1960Thanks to optimised tread patterns, winter tires deliver up to 50% better grip on snow-covered roads and thus shorter braking distances compared with standard commercial vehicle tires.
1970Tire construction shifts from cross-ply to radial carcasses, thus ensuring retreadability.
1980Continental winter truck tires are available in many dimensions. Thanks to a siping variation and a new kind of tire contour (wider, flatter), the winter tire’s mileage performance and noise level in particular see a notable improvement.
1990Introducing a new, clear-cut label for the Continental commercial vehicle product range: Scandinavia indicates that these winter tires are especially well-suited for the toughest conditions. As well as tires for driving axles and steering axles, the range also includes a winter tire that is specially developed for trailers and trailing axles.
2000A new generation of Scandinavia winter tires is developed for use on steer, drive and trailer axles.