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Continental Winter Tires. In a class of their own.

There are several options if you want to equip a truck, bus or coach for winter - but only one true choice.

The development of Continental Scandinavia winter tires is based on many years of experience and practical knowledge gained by using these tires in Scandinavian countries. They deliver maximum grip and traction on all winter road surfaces while delivering superior fuel economy, increased service life and reduced maintenance costs.

In most European countries, M+S tires or winter tires are mandatory. Continental tires meet - and even exceed - all regional regulatory standards - from long-distance motorway trips spanning several European roads to regional short-distance driving.

M+S Symbol

M+S (Mud + Snow)

M+S (Mud+Snow) marked tires provide a tread pattern or structure that is designed to deliver performance that exceeds that of a standard tire in snowy conditions. The M+S label is not subject to a defined test procedure.

3PMSF Symbol

3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake)

Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) tires deliver winter performance that is legally certified. These tires have to pass a test on a snow covered road and have at least 25% better traction than a standard reference tire.

Continental Winter Tire Snowflake

Continental Winter Tires - Hard to beat on the street.

Continental Scandinavia winter tires easily outperform M+S tires and significantly exceed the requirements of the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMSF).


Continental Scandinavia vs. Standard M+S – Shorter braking distance

Test scenario: Full braking from 50 km/h to 0 km/h.

Get the best possible contact between your vehicle and the road surface - whether it is snowy, icy wet or dry. To illustrate your Continental advantage, let's take this performance level to the streets.


Continental Scandinavia vs. Standard M+S – Faster acceleration

Test scenario: Accelerating to 50 km/h on a snowy road.

Always stay on the right track - with grip and confidence. The high traction provided by Continental winter tires allows for agile driving with faster acceleration and less slip.

Lockjaw with winter.

When winter really bites, these tires bite back. Due to its advanced siping technology, design and specific tread pattern, the tire literally lockjaws into snowy surfaces, without sacrificing durability for extended mileage.

Advanced siping technology - Winter Tires

In winter, nothing is more important than traction. Continental winter tires achieve this traction with an intelligent combination of different sipe types. Pocket sipes, 3D sipes and special traction sipes work together synergistically. Since the pocket sipes and 3D sipes in particular also maintain excellent tread stiffness, the mileage remains high and fuel consumption low.


Continental winter tires provide safety through optimum grip. High-density longitudinal and lateral grooves allow the tire to firmly grip the ground surface. This effect is further enhanced by the high number of sipes.


On wintry roads, the aim is not just to avoid macroslip (spinning), but also microslip, i.e. the slipping of individual blocks. Continental compounds minimize this effect, because they keep the tire highly flexible and adhesive while ensuring high wear resistance.