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Portugal: Horatotal Transportes

Paulo Maia, from HTT – Hora Total Transportes

Paulo Maia, from HTT – Horatotal Transportes – gave his testimonial regarding the company experience with Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system: the benefits and the incredible push to the success of the fleet business.


Who is HTT? What is your business about?

HTT it’s a goods transport company dedicated to all kind of traffic, national and international and with a recognized express service.


What is the secret of HTT success?

The success core of HTT is based in three main pillars: Staff, Customers and updated equipment. We care about our staff and we do our upmost to give them the best work conditions. Our customers are the focus of our daily work, predict their needs and fulfill their requirements. Our fleet is approximately three-year-old and have all the conditions for a safe and comfortable journey.

Which benefits did you see in a tire pressure monitoring solution?

For our kind of business, one second matters. Our trucks run round the clock and one unexpected stop has unpredictable consequences. On the other hand, since we run 25.000 km month/truck, fuel efficiency is a special concern in the company. The key tire properties for us are fuel consumption. With the challenging fuel prices, we have to challenge ourselves to be more and more efficient and effective and Continental TPMS solution is an important tool that help us to get our goals.

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Paulo Maia, from HTT – Hora Total Transportes

What is the feedback from your colleagues/employees (e.g. Fleet Manager, Workshop Manager, Driver) working with ContiPressureCheck/ContiConnect?

Very, very positive. Drivers that already have the system like it a lot. Gives the driver the assurance that his tyres are at the correct pressure and alerts him to any potential problem, such as a slow loss of pressure that could lead to a complete tire failure. The simple fact that in the morning they turn on the ignition and see that all tires are ok, it’s a plus for them and they know that if something wrong is happening with their tyres, the system will warn them, immediately.

How would you rate the interaction with Continental employees?

Regarding the professional connections between our company and the employees of Continental, I can only say that they have always been tireless and committed to HTT to have the greatest value / km, always meeting the needs and expectations from the company.


How is Continental in general adding value to your business or contributing to your success?

For HTT Continental is a partner, not a supplier. Always full availability of the commercial and technical Continental team.