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#Conti 3G Casing

Casing Management Just Got Simpler

Improved casing management is delivered through a standardized platform of 245mm.

Standardize your fleet's tire program with the Conti 3G Casing.

A Casing Designed for Truck Tire Retreads

Our innovative casing is ideal if you plan to retread your truck and bus tires as part of our ContiLifeCycle™ solution. The cutting-edge design also boosts the performance of our new tires

The 3G Casing offers:

  • Standardized casing width across all axle positions (245 mm) to simplify casing management
  • Heat-dissipating polymers to maintain casing integrity
  • Belt package designed to reduce penetrations and damage
  • Tread volumes constructed for utmost support of your commercial tire’s given load range
  • Bead core calculated to reduce deflection and heat build-up

Your Advantages

Improved casing design and compounding improve rolling resistance by reducing deflection and heat buildup.

Can your tire casing really help you save fuel? Yes, if it is designed to minimize rolling resistance. Our casing is structured with stiff belt cord angles and increased tread volumes to better support the tire’s given load range. By reducing deflection and heat build-up, the casing helps improve your fuel efficiency.

By utilizing the 3G Casing in combination with our fuel-efficient tread compounds, Continental offers some of the most fuel-saving truck and bus tires available on the market.

Wider platform allows for wider and deeper treads. Increased stability in the belt package promotes even wear throughout the tire's life. 

The 3G Casing uses a standardized 245 mm tread platform. In addition to simplified casing management, this platform provides the space our tire engineers need to provide a wider and deeper tread, helping you get the best original mileage from your Continental truck and bus tires. 

The casing also features an innovative belt package designed with increased stability to promote even wear throughout the tire’s life. By supplying increased stiffness, the belt cord angles help reduce or eliminate uneven tire wear caused by deflection. When a tire wears evenly, it can grant maximum miles to removal.

Tighter belt cord angles help reduce heat buildup and penetrations to protect the casing. Improved bead design for increased durability. 

Continental Tire's technologically-advanced bead core design offers structural durability to extend the life of your casing. Its longevity is due to distinctive features such as a tear-resistant compound at the steel cord edges, increased chafer cord density, and optimized chafer cord angle for improved stiffness across the body ply.

In addition to enhancing the bead core design, Continental Tire also re-engineered the belt cord angles to protect the casing from penetrations and reduce heat build-up. By keeping the casing cool, the rubber and steel components in your truck tire or bus tire are protected from heat-related damage. 

All this advanced engineering means maximum retreadability for your truck and bus tires, and the Lowest Overall Driving Cost for your fleet.

A standardized casing across steer, drive and trailer positions makes casing management easier for fleet operations. 

Did you ever wish you could retread any tire casing for any axle position? Now you can. 

With Continental Tire's standardized casing, the new tire no longer matters when it comes to pairing up retreaded casings. As long as the tires were built on the 3G casing, they can run side-by-side on any axle. 

In terms of casing management, that means you no longer have to keep track of your steer, drive, and trailer position casings. When a tire is ready to be pulled from service on its first life, it can go straight to your ContiLifeCycle™ retread partner, and then be paired up with any other 3G Casing retread for its second service life.

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