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Digital Tire Monitoring


ContiConnect™ Digital Tire Monitoring

The future of digital tire management

As a fleet manager, you take care of your vehicles  and their maintenance on a daily basis. If something  goes wrong, time schedules cannot be met, and your  company’s profitability suffers. Under-inflated tires are a major reason for breakdowns and service calls. In fact, tires account for 5% of fleet equipment but influence up to 53% of overall operating cost. With ContiConnect™, you can monitor the health of your tires and thereby increase safety, reduce tire wear, ensure increased uptime and avoid costly breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and optimize fuel savings.

Tires only account for 5% of vehicle expenses, but influence 53% of the fleet’s operating costs.

Fuel & Additives


Management & Admin


Maintenance & Repair


New Tire Expense


The benefits of digital TPMS

Properly maintained tires reduce overall driving costs, reduce your environmental footprint and give you peace-of-mind. With ContiConnect™ you always stay up-to-date on your fleet’s tire health. Manage your tire digitally with ContiConnect™, and reduce your maintenance cost while increasing uptime, tire lifetime, the overall efficiency and safety of your fleet.


  • Extend life of the tire
  • Save operational costs
  • Reduce tire-related breakdowns
  • Decrease Total Cost of Ownership

  • Decrease administrative burden by remote tire monitoring
  • Get full transparency and save time when planning future tire demands

  • Save fuel
  • Reduce direct and indirect emissions
  • Increase retread potential, reduce waste
  • Optimize rolling resistance

  • React to failures before they occur
  • Increase safety for all road users

What is ContiConnect™?

ContiConnect™ is a digital tire management platform featuring field-proven tire monitoring services such as continuous tire pressure and temperature measurment. With state-of-the-art tire sensors and latest software enhancements, it enables our fleet customers to digitally capture and monitor the mileage, tread depth and condition of all tires in the fleet.

We offer two solutions based on the needs of our customers: ContiConnect™ Live which provides tire data monitoring of multiple vehicles in real-time and regardless of their location, and ContiConnect™ Yard for monitoring tire data of multiple vehicles that return to dedicated checkpoints on a regular basis. This means that Continential has a solution for fleets of any size, for nearly any type of truck, bus, and trailer as well.

Quick Downloads

Digital Tire Monitoring Brochure

Digital Tire Monitoring Brochure

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ContiConnect™ Live Overview

ContiConnect™ Live Overview

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ContiConnect™ Features

We at Continental are experts when it comes to tires. But not only that! We are constantly working together with you to shape the future in transport. Our digital solutions monitor the health of your tires – so that you can focus on more important things. Our solutions are just as individual as your business and our team will find the right match for you.

Bring efficiency to the next level and experience a anew dimension of digital tire monitoring with sensors that measure tire pressure and temperature with a mileage and tread depth prediction.

  • Accurate tire pressure and temperature readings to prevent tire damage and breakdowns
  • Sensor lasts 6 years / 400,000 miles to minimize disruptions to your tire program
  • Only sensor to provide true tire casing temperature, allowing preventive actions that make your tire last longer
  • Avoids valve damage and air leaks by mounting on the inner liner of the tire

Continental's digital tire monitoring solutions are scalable to meet various demands. ContiPressureCheck™ and ContiConnect™ follow a modular approach with different components  matched to the size of your fleet and the requirements of your business. Whether looking for individual vehicle solutions or large fleet solutions, with telematics integration, or with real-time remote monitoring, we can build a tire monitoring package to fit your needs.

Manage the entire tire life cycle via real-time web and app interfaces. The ContiConnect™ web portal and On-Site App allow fleet managers to conveniently access low pressure alerts, track data over time or view detailed reports and analytics. If low tire pressure or high temperatures are detected, you will receive an alert in order to proactively fix the problem. Each interface provides convenient access, especially for big fleets.

ContiConnect™ Packages

The right solution for you – fit to your needs.

No matter the application or business you are in, we have the right solution in our portfolio to enable Digital Tire Monitoring for your vehicle type, whether it is a bus, truck, specialty vehicle or stand-alone trailer. 

ContiConnect™ Live
ContiConnect™ Live
ContiConnect™ Yard
ContiConnect™ Yard

Flexible and location-independent fleet management

If your vehicles are always out on the road, then ContiConnect™ Live is the best solution for you. The fully integrated tire condition monitoring platform consists of several key components: an intelligent tire from Continental measures inflation pressure and temperature with the factory-fitted sensor inside the tire. The sensor data are sent in real time to the integrated central telematics unit. Monitor the tire pressure of multiple vehicles live and regardless of their location while they are on the road. From there, the data is transferred to the cloud, where it can be accessed via the web portal. In the web portal, a detailed view of the vehicle including alarm, pressure and temperature history as well as GPS data and operating hours is made available. If the data is not ideal, fleet managers are proactively informed via SMS or email, which minimizes flat tires and increases the safety of drivers and vehicles. This enables fleet managers to monitor tires flexibly, regardless of where the vehicles are located.

Simple, efficient monitoring for domiciled fleets

ContiConnect™ Yard is an accessible solution for domiciled fleets, such as those used in construction, urban transit, and regional transport. Much like the ContiConnect™ Live solution, the Yard solution starts with sensors mounted on the inside of each tire. These sensors collect and store the tire condition data until the vehicle reaches its depot. There, a Yard Reader Station collects the sensor data as the vehicle drives by and sends it to the cloud-based platform which can be accessed via PC or mobile device.

Single vehicle system monitoring

Are you an owner-operator interested in a single vehicle solution with in-cab display? This solution delivers real-time information as you drive via simple, mountable display. The ContiPressureCheck system displays the tire sensor’s data in the driver’s cabin or on the handheld tool and warns before a condition becomes critical. It can be integrated into third-party telematics solutions for 24/7 multiple vehicle monitoring, too.

Which package is right for you?

Digital Tire Monitoring Solution

Truck or Bus

Truck + Trailer



Yard Reader

Monitor the tires of vehicles returning regularly to dedicated checkpoints.


Continental Telematics

Monitor the tires of your vehicles whilst they are on the road.

Third Party Telematics

Easily integrate ContiConnect data into your existing telematics device.


Dongle + Driver App

Use ContiConnect data in combination with the Bluetooth Dongle that transmits sensor data directly to the Driver App.



The tire sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of a tire in order to collect and transmit data. The sensor can either be retro-fitted or factory-fitted onto a tire.

  • Pressure & Temperature
  • Mileage estimation
  • Yard Reader Mode
  • Battery estimation
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Receives and evaluates signals from tire sensors
  • Receives signals from the tire sensors, evaluates data and processes it
  • Installed in the vehicle

  • Receives the data from the central control unit and sends it via Bluetooth to a mobile device
  • Mounted in the cabin and connected to the central control unit via cable
  • Max. range of 10 m


  • Receives signals directly from the sensors and from enabler units and sends them to the IoT platform
  • For in-vehicle usage
  • No Central Control Unit required
  • Enabler unit can be added to forward the signals if longer distances need to be bridged

Trailer Unit

  • Battery-powered trailer unit (~ 4 weeks battery, battery is automatically re-charged while driving)
  • Receives signals directly from the sensors and enabler units and sends them to the IoT platform
  • For outside usage
  • GPS-enabled
  • No additional Central Control Unit required
  • Enabler unit can be added to forward the signals if longer distances need to be bridged

Enabler Unit

  • Receives sensor signals and forwards them to in-cabin unit or trailer unit
  • Power supply requires
  • For outside usage

Web Portal

The ContiConnect™ web portal is the interface where you can proactively monitor the tire conditions on all of your vehicles. The web portal is a browser-based application that can be accessed from any type of device.

  • Browser-based web interface for access to data, statistics and reports
  • Enables real-time monitoring of entire fleet’s tire status

On-Site App

  • Available for mobile devices and tablets
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Create, manage and configure vehicles
  • Read out sensor data via Bluetooth & transmit it to the IoT platform
  • Perform vehicle / tire checks
  • Receive tire alerts via push-notification

The handheld tool is needed for initialization of ContiConnect™. This component is used to assign each tire sensor to the respective wheel position of the vehicle. It connects wirelessly to the tire sensors. Further, you can also use the hand-held tool to import tire data to the web portal without a yard reader station.

  • Initial configuration of entire system
  • Wireless communication with tire sensors
  • Synchronizes tire sensors to each wheel position
  • Wired communication with CCU

Customer Benefits

Having everything under control makes life much easier – and your business smarter. With ContiConnect™ 2.0 you benefit from full transparency on the key factors of your fleet’s tires by monitoring their health. What’s really good: it’s in real time, which allows you to proactively plan services thanks to predictive analytics. Finally, a solution to increase your peace of mind.

Running a business is full of ups and downs. With the ability to remotely monitor all relevant tire parameters such as pressure, temperature and now even mileage measurement and tread depth prediction, you can significantly lower the risk of tire-related breakdowns. This helps you to generate value by increasing your vehicle’s uptime – and your asset’s lifetime – easily. Improve your efficiency by reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Now, your business gets even more ups.

No business is like any other. You have different challenges, vehicles and needs. The perfect solution is the one that covers all of them. ContiConnect™ has different options to choose from – including different packages and add-ons. Pick the ones you profit the most from with our modular system. Tailor-made to your vehicle’s operations: check all data 24/7 on any device with LIVE or right after your trucks return to their dedicated checkpoints with YARD. This is digital tire monitoring for every business.

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ContiConnect™ 2.0 Factsheet

ContiConnect™ 2.0 Factsheet

pdf 1 MB Download

ContiConnect™ 2.0 Live via Bluetooth Dongle

ContiConnect™ 2.0 Live via Bluetooth Dongle

pdf 319 KB Download

ContiConnect™ 2.0 Live via Telematics

ContiConnect™ 2.0 Live via Telematics

pdf 190 KB Download

Yard Reader Station GSM Installation

Yard Reader Station GSM Installation

pdf 5 MB

Yard Reader Station LAN Installation

Yard Reader Station LAN Installation

pdf 5 MB

Bluetooth Dongle Installation

Bluetooth Dongle Installation

pdf 4 MB

ContiConnect Telematic Kit™ Installation

ContiConnect Telematic Kit™ Installation

pdf 5 MB

Yard Reader Station GSM Homologation Certificate

Yard Reader Station GSM Homologation Certificate

pdf 143 KB

Yard Reader Station GSM FCC DoC

Yard Reader Station GSM FCC DoC

pdf 47 KB

Bluetooth Dongle FCC Supplier’s DoC

Bluetooth Dongle FCC Supplier’s DoC

pdf 38 KB

ContiConnect Telematic Kit™ DoC

ContiConnect Telematic Kit™ DoC

pdf 1 MB


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