Detalles Técnicos

Tecnología Traction Grooves

“Traction Grooves” o Surcos de tracción, proporcionan una mejor adherencia desde el interior del labrado en condiciones extremas.

Improved Handling and Tread Life

Improves tread life while enhancing grip on wet roads and provides precise steering for maximum control.

Chamfered Block Edges

The strategically angled tread block edges allow for increased surface contact to the road for enhanced acceleration and braking performance when the tire is under load.

Visual Indicator for optimum performance

Consumer friendly indicators alert drivers about tire's performance level in Dry and Wet conditions.

Solid Shoulder Macro Blocks

Allows the tire to have impressive dry handling traction and stability performance that inspires drivers’ absolute confidence in every turn.


ExtremeContact™ Sport Brochure

ExtremeContact™ Sport Brochure

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