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Conti Summer Mela Terms & Conditions

1. Offer is available to end customers who uses the car tyres for personal use only.

2. Offer is valid only for purchases during the period starting from 1st May 2023 and will expire on 31st May 2023 (both dates inclusive).

3. The end customer shall purchase set of four (4) car tyres of same rim size for one (1) vehicle registration number to be eligible to receive gift voucher.

4. One end customer can avail this offer for maximum three (3) vehicle registration numbers.

5. End customer shall mandatorily register such purchase of tyres for warranty registration on latest version of TCP App, through the dealer.

6. The registration on TCP App shall be done during period starting from 1st May 2023 and will expire on 31st May 2023 (both dates inclusive).

7. End customer shall ensure that only his/her own mobile number as an End Customer is registered on TCP App upon which the customer will receive gift voucher.

8. End customer will receive OTP on the mobile number provided on the TCP App and upon submission of the OTP successful registration on the TCP App will be confirmed and automatically gift voucher will be messaged to the end customer on such mobile number. The end customer can also find the gift voucher details on the TCP App.

9. The amount of gift voucher shall be as per the table below-


Rim Size

(Set of four Car Tyres for one Car Registration Number)

Gift voucher amount
a.13 inch350 INR
b.14 inch350 INR
c.15 inch600 INR
d.16 inch600 INR
e.17 inch1000 INR
f.18 inch1000 INR
h.20 inch100 INR

10. The gift voucher can be redeemed by the end customer on Amazon ( Gift voucher will be provided on adherence of all the terms and conditions mentioned above.

11. In case of any query, end customers can send an e-mail at