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CONTI SURE Extra Warranty

Conti Sure extra warranty applies to all Passenger Car & SUV tires (except 215/60 R17 96H Max Contact 5 & 215/55 R18 95H Ultra Contact 6) sold by Continental India Pvt Ltd. through their authorized dealers with effect from 1st of Aug 2022.


Other than the exclusions listed herewith, the Conti Sure Plan covers all kinds of road hazard damages which are unrepairable/unserviceable, reported within twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase or 50% of remaining tread depth (whichever is earlier). The award will be calculated basis Pro-rate (remaining tread depth / new tread depth)


Tyres must be registered within seven (7) days from the date of purchase. Registration after the 7-days’ period will not be accepted. The registration should be completed by either the participating Continental tyre dealer or the end user and should include the mandatory information, set out as a minimum requirement. Mandatory requirements are – Purchase invoice reference & date, customer personal mobile number, Tyre detail captured through Bar code sticker (DOT number, Size & Pattern).Tyre registration is available via the Conti TCP app. This warranty is not transferable to another customer


Effected Tyre/ Tyre’s to be reported to Continental Authorized dealer. End user or Conti Authorized dealer will raise complaint through TCP App. Dealer will inspect and enter all mandatory requirements in TCP App including original purchase invoice picture & Tire pictures showing Tire size, pattern, DOT, defect area & Remaining tread depth.

Continental technical team will verify the detail and accordingly, on meeting the mandatory condition, replacement will be offered on Pro-rate, based on percentage of remaining tread depth. End user will bear the equivalent cost of the wear of the tire. Any Charges for fitment, balancing, and alignment are not included and shall be borne by the end user.


  • Tire purchased from a Non-Authorized Continental dealer
  • Tire not registered under Conti Sure
  • Damage caused by minor abrasive road hazard which does not cause unrepairable structural damage.
  • Un-even wear as the cause of removal
  • All types of repairable damages (Small puncture repairs at the tread area)
  • Any unintended use like competitive racings, wrong application etc
  • Intentional damage or abuse
  • Any incidental and consequential damage such as loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle etc.